Wedding Vows Amidst Water
22 Oct 2016

Wedding Vows Amidst Water

#WE know all the #brides wish for a small wedding with close friends and family. What if we tell you, you can achieve a secluded ceremony with the sunset bearing witness your #wedding #vows. Clear blue seas, white sandy beaches; your wedding will be nothing short of a fairy tale. Rent the beautiful islands for your wedding day and make it the most celebrated bond for generations to come. #Wedding Experience helps you plan your secluded #private island wedding – from the cluster of Caribbean Islands to the South in Brazil. These 5 islands of heaven will surely be perfect to celebrate your love.

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Over Yonder Cay; Bahamas, Caribbean


This private island is located in the heart of the idyllic and secluded Exumas chain. The four villas (that can accommodate 28 guests) are distributed around the island to enhance the sense of privacy and space, the seemingly countless activities will bring your group together. Along with an extensive wine cellar, the chefs provide a delicious range of cuisines. Depending on season and number of guests, you can expect the rental of this island at USD 75,000 for the all inclusive romantic get away.

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Palm Island The Grenadines; SVG, Caribbean


Palm Island Resort is an eco-friendly, green certified island with an oomph of sophistication. The luxury, resort offers a range of amenities, activities, dining options and accommodations. Known for its natural beauty and clear, tranquil waters, the island’s abundant sea life, coral reefs and unique shipwrecks attract many to its humble abode. At USD 1,000 you can rent any one of their villas for a day.

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Peter Island; BVI, Caribbean


Peter Island Resort & Spa is situated among a plethora of exotic Caribbean escapes. Its intoxicating combination of natural wonders, privacy and luxury conveys a distinct persona among glitterati and seekers of authentic, posh adventures. For this adventurous wonderland you can either rent the whole island at USD 20,000 per night or UDS 1,000 per night for one of their luxurious villas.

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Petit St. Vincent; SVG, Caribbean


Petit St. Vincent is surrounded by over a mile of white sand beach. This idyllic retreat beckons with numerous activites, beach cabanas and sea-side room service. There are 22 newly renovated cottages spread out for maximum privacy and comfort. Let the island be that magical destination for a Caribbean once-in-a-lifetime event. For large groups rent the entire island at USD 20,000 for the ultimate getaway.

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Piedade Island; Brazil, South America


Regarded as the most beautiful and luxurious private property in the Southern Hemisphere. One of the most exclusive international jet set destinations with the biggest concentration of high end houses and yachts in Brazil. This beautiful complex is perfect for one to relax and become one with nature. A small, secluded wedding of 22 at only USD 20,000 per night for the entire island.

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So, if you’re looking for a small, romantic wedding with a backdrop straight out of a movie – we recommend jetting off with close friends and family to a little heaven of your own.

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