Wedding Glam Quotient
21 Jul 2017

Wedding Glam Quotient

Indian weddings are gala affairs! No, we are not exaggerating, I mean, you know that already, don’t you? I am almost sure that you won’t see a colour splash like the one you will witness at an Indian wedding. I mean, name any colour and it is there. It is a sort of a fashion week especially for the families of the bride and the groom. So, if you have a wedding in the family and want to dress up like a diva for that, fret not, Wedding Experience is here to help you!


Elegance Has A New Name

Keep it classy and simple with a lehnga , suit or a saree. It is someone’s wedding and not a fairy tale ball. A lehnga works just fine if worn in a stylish manner. Keeping it simple does not mean wearing a plain outfit. Of course, it is a wedding, remember! But it means not to overdo it to make it look comical and gaudy. Pick up a wedding saree or a lehnga with a subtle colour and pair them with delicate embellishments. If you love your colours and are keen on wearing a bright outfit to the wedding, make sure that you go light on the jewelry.


Simple But Not Casual

But then don’t be too casual in your attire. Yes, our first point talks about keeping it simple; yes simple not casual. An Indian wedding is not really the occasion to turn up in daily wear cotton clothes. Since you are going to be surrounded by bling, you may as well dress up to mix in with the crowd that will be dazzling in stunning wedding sarees, wedding lehengas and anarkali suits.


Wrap Up With Bling

Don’t forget the jewelry. The right kind of accessories can add an inimitable charm to your attire. And, it is also the one thing that gets observed regularly, without fail, at an Indian wedding. So, you must make sure that you get the pieces that complement your look. After all, it is a family wedding, so don’t go without that signature necklace to complement your beautiful lehnga or the princess-like earrings to go with your anarkali or may be you can get bold a bit and get a body to spice up your look.


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