The Magnificent Indian Wedding At Las Vegas
09 Sep 2016

The Magnificent Indian Wedding At Las Vegas

Embrace the simplicity of having your Las Vegas wedding desires met to perfection. Set your ceremony in the unique ambiance of one of the beautiful wedding locations. Choose from a white wedding gondola with a serenading gondolier on the Grand Canal, or the Weddings Bridge located within St. Mark’s Square, by The Palazzo Waterfall with stunning seasonal décor or the lush landscape of an Italian Garden in a stunning outdoor location or in our intimate wedding chapel.
Tie the knot in a helicopter. Dive into marriage underwater. Get married on a bed of oysters if that’s what you’re into. It’s your wedding, whether it’s spur-of-the-moment or the day you’ve been dreaming of forever Las Vegas can make it better than you ever imagined. Have a glimpse of the big fat Indian wedding that makes you wonderstruck by Las Vegas.

They say marriages are made in heaven, but the marriage of Pankaj and Avnie turned Las Vegas into a heaven as if the heaven itself descended to bless the couple. The beautiful couple got hitched at the effortlessly elegant and timeless Bellagio Resort.
Even though it was a destination wedding in Las Vegas, the bride and groom’s families left no stones unturned to make it feel like a traditional Indian family-style wedding with lots of the colors, fabrics, music and rituals that accompanied it.

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After traveling together on several overseas trips, Pankaj popped the question in a sleek Rolls Royce prepped and parked outside Uptown Sushi. They both decided on a destination wedding which would be larger than anyone in their family.

So, the mind-baffling week-long celebrations began with an extremely happening weekend that was filled with music and dance, along with traditional Marwari and Gujarati rituals.

Pankaj and the baraat flew to Vegas from Texas in a private chartered jet, where Avnie’s parents received them at the airport with much pomp and revelry, and a luxurious Limousine Hummer took them to the hotel. A charter jet flew in 200 of the 600 guests into town from Houston. That’s a way to get the party started! A high-powered sangeet was held at the pool deck of the Cosmopolitan Hotel the same evening.


The wedding itself—complete with an elephant for the groom—was held the next afternoon at the Bellagio. The day of the wedding saw the groom making a true maharaja-style entry on a well-decked, bejeweled elephant that reportedly cost $10,000 to rent and was transported from Perris, California.

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The floral arrangements alone for the poolside wedding ceremony came to about $150,000. The shades of green surroundings complement the exemplary décor in pink.


This was followed by a grand reception the same evening. On the last morning, a farewell brunch was held at the Bellagio for the 570 guests who had attended the wedding from all over the world.

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The towering cake tells a tall story of the dream wedding. 10-tiers tall, the wedding cake was created by Bellagio pastry chef Jeanette Droegmoeller and required two weeks to construct.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but when the celebrations are of this caliber why keep anything a secret!

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