The First Impression
07 Sep 2016

The First Impression

Invites are the first impression of the #wedding, however mostly Indian wedding invites become too clichéd and lack innovativeness. Hence #Wedding Experience gives you a few suggestions of #invite makers that have knack and deep understanding of their art. So one of the proficient names in this industry is Neha Singh Bhatia.


#Neha Singh Bhatia is a Delhi based invite designer who has had a lot of experience in this field. She has an expertise in innovative yet classy designs and imbibes her individual flair. Her knowledge and understanding captivates the essence of each wedding, also she takes in consideration the various demands and requirements of the customers and incorporates it into the invite, thus customising and personalising each invite.

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She is really organised and systematic in her work and delivers excellence in her quality. The gorgeous designs are surely going to leave the guests awestruck.

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Her designs vary from simple cards to inventive and beautiful wedding boxes which appears to be the trend of the season.


Another wedding card design company with eye-catching patterns and invites is #Ozel Designs. It’s another Delhi based organisation started by #Dipansh Bhasin, which is well known for their customised card designs and high end clientele throughout the country.

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The simplicity and unusualness of their work is what makes them stand out. Their wedding cards not only serve the purpose of invites but also act as Mithai boxes or candle boxes, thus giving it a funkier yet chic look.

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Ozel tries to experiment with different styles and try out exclusive new ways to keep their designs fresh and sophisticated. Also they customise their cards according to the need of their consumers. Not only does Ozel design wedding cards, they also design cards for anniversaries, corporate launches etc.

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So this wedding season choose a wedding card dealer that makes the first impression of your wedding last for long.

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