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Ravish Kapoor

1) How and when did the journey of Innovative Invitations by Ravish Kapoor begin?

Well the idea of customization first came when, my sister was getting married and when we searched for the right kind of invitation everything seemed so cookie-cutter type. I always had a creative flare and I decided that what better opportunity to express this than to create a card for my sister that was unique and different. So I did, the response was overwhelming and people started calling wanting me to create a card just as unique for them and so Ravish Kapoor – innovative invitations was born.

2) With offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata how would you compare the choice and taste of clients from these cities?

Each city has their own style, their own way of celebrating things. It’s more about us being aware of what the needs are of a particular client and what is their design sense.

3) Please share the most challenging /creative project managed by your team so far.

This is always a hard question to answer because each new invitation we create we think is the best one, unique and different from the others. We designed a series of elaborate wooden boxes with crystal inlay… of course when we do stuff for Bollywood celebrities that always gets the team excited. Shilpa Shetty’s wedding card is still a very memorable design and people still come in to see it. We try to design to suit each clients taste and needs and budget is secondary. Gone are the days when weddings were seasonal – they now are round the year. Additionally more and more people are celebrating other momentous occasions in their families lives and require an innovative invitation, which is why they come to us. We have designed cards that have had mobile phones and ipads in them, we have designed cards that required us to make mini movies of each function.

4) What is the trend in invites for the wedding season 2015 – 2016?

Sleek and Simple. People are liking the cards to be simplistic, this does not mean small however they want it to still have a wow factor. We just designed a beautiful card for Shahid Kapoor in which the card was very understated in its appearance – touches of turquoise were added to the cream and embossing was used to add a depth and luxury feel to the card. Even the gift inside was unique with boutique Himalayan tea and honey.

We have seen more invitation requests to have a retro feel. We have designed several cards that have moved away from the traditional style cards, this is occurring with the younger set when the couples themselves are choosing the card. – Bold colours in different shades, print on print, retro art deco patterns and fun ways in which the function cards are presented in the invite to make it unique.

Keepsake – More and more people are wanting to give the wedding card in such a way that people will keep and use it for other functions. Be it a jewellery box, or function as a picture frame.

Themed – In the past people use to choose their invite with no concern to the theme or style of the wedding. This is changing as more and more clients not only match their color scheme but also the design idea with the wedding card. We recently did one invitation for a destination wedding in which we sketched different scenes of the bride and groom in a beach setting.

5) In terms of expansion plans, what’s next for you?

We are currently in the process of obtaining new technology that will be new in India. We hope to have this for next season. We are also in talks for additional franchise outlets, but nothing is finalized so I will be unable to disclose at this point in time.

6) How do you react to plagiarism? Do you find it flattering or annoying? Do you see a way out?

Well people copy our invitations all the time. I find it flattering and annoying. I am flattered when someone finds our design so good that they want to copy them. I am annoyed when they make a bad version of the invite. We have given them everything , they should atleast try to make it better Actually it is hard for people to copy our invites as they do not have the technology that we use.

7) What are your view about our site?

I think Wedding Experience is a great platform for brides to be. The logo of the website is is quite catchy and it goes with the contemporary theme.
Today, everyone is online. So I think it’s very convenient that you have covered all elements for a wedding experience that any couple would look forward to.
Overall the website looks very nice and with the latest trends being captured I think you have something unique on your hands.

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