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La Folie

1) How and when did the journey of La Folie begin?

After completing 7 years in France, Italy, Japan & UK, Chef Sanjana wanted to come back to her home country, and give a similar experience as that of an international patisserie to the people of Mumbai & India.

She noticed there was a gap in the market. Since, we travel so much we always tend to get chocolates, macarons from abroad back home. She has worked at these places and has the understanding of what sets that apart; which is when she thought why not give that experience to people closer to home.

2)With a high profile clientele in India and amongst NRIs, how would you compare the choice.

The wealthy Indian consumers usually wants authentic and true to origin products, but these days they are also getting more experimental with products. They want fusion customised products like pan macarons, a mix of hazelnut, peanuts in a financier cake. In weddings, they prefer a variety of bite sized desserts from Saffron Caviar, Turkish Delight to Orange Blossom Water, etc. as these ingredients do very well because of the Indo-French fusion.
On the other side NRI’s usually are well travelled hence they are aware of the kind of products we make. For them I feel authentic & great taste, texture of the product is very important. Our Sour Dough Bread, Savour Mille-Fuille do really well. Even our single origin dark chocolate do really well because again they are a very rare Indian Find.

3) Please share the most challenging experience with bride/groom handled by your team so far.

It is challenging yet fun. It’s also a great learning process. These days, the bride and the groom are very well aware of what they require in terms of the personalised customisation. They usually share reference images with us of the products, cakes, chocolates, macarons they would like to get customised. For EG, we did a 4 tier cake for a wedding and the colour was inspired by their wedding outfit. The bride had worn a maroon / reddish outfit and the guy was wearing a wine colour suit so we made a cake according to that as they also wanted different flavours. We had multiple flavours in each tier of the cake.
Some want to go through their childhood nostalgia moments so they get gifting products created based on that.
We have done a few wedding dessert catering hence we know that these days we are setting up a trend by offering the plated dessert experience. Having counters of Plated Molecular Desserts, Molecular Ice Cream Dessert Counters, etc.

4) What is the trend in cakes and patisserie for the wedding season 2016- 2017? Are there any new products for the upcoming wedding season that you would suggest?

Live Dessert Counters, Experiential Plated Desserts – When there’s a mehendi function, guests usually prefer having light eats which is customarily the Hi-Tea event. La Folie Éclairs are the best as a Hi-Tea product. We do different sizes of Éclairs and Financiers which then leads up to the night function.
We also see a demand of more fruit based tropical products in the wedding besides just chocolate in the cakes, for as to go with any wedding gifting.
Éclairs, Financiers, etc. We are also coming up with a line of panned products. Panning is a process of coating and covering of any centre. It could be a peanut, or coffee bean, coco bean or a truffle. Pan products are great because they satisfy your immediate craving and available in multiple colours. Also it doesn’t have a lot of calories. They have a great shelf life and can be transported easily so this could be a great give away product.

5) In terms of expansion plans, what is next for you?

We want to tie up with specific high end niche caterers as we have a wider array of products. We are already in the process of coming up with a new range of product which we shall disclose soon.

6) How do you react to plagiarism? Do you find it flattering or annoying? Do you see a way out?

People always remember the first – Trendsetters.

7) What are your views about our site?

It’s amazing to be seen on such as Influential Platform like yours as we think we can cater and reach up to our target audience who understand the value of our brand as it is. It is like a one stop solution for all those who are looking for getting the best of everything for their wedding.

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