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Joss Catering

1) How and when did the journey of Joss Catering begin?

Farrokh Khambata started his own catering company called ‘Catering and Allied’ operating out of a makeshift kitchen in his parent’s home. As business grew Farrokh bought a 300-square foot central kitchen in 2002 to cater to the growing demands of his business.
Later he traveled overseas and spent his formative time in training himself. This formal training enhanced his flair for European Cuisine and Farrokh went on to create gastronomic delights for the menus of his fledgling company “Catering & Allied”.
With his entree into the world of Far-Eastern Cuisine, came the dawn of “JOSS”, a temple of fine dining, conceptualized by Mr. Farrokh Khambata himself.
With the tremendous success of Joss Restaurant, Catering and Allied was renamed to “Joss Catering Services” known for the perfect execution of numerous weddings, formal sit down meals and house parties for various celebrities and industrialists in Mumbai.

2) With a high profile clientele in India and amongst NRIs, how would you compare the choice and taste of these two segments?

Tastes are subjective. However, with the world available on a plate clients both NRI as well as the High Profile lot are willing to try new experiences.

3) Please share the most challenging experience with bride/groom handled by your team so far.

In terms of Catering for an event there are always last minute special requests. These need to be catered to using your presence of mind & quick thinking.

4) 4) What is the trend in catering for the wedding season 2016- 2017? Are there any new additions to the menu for the upcoming wedding season that you would like to suggest?

New Age Food, Small Plates, Fusion however some comfort food element needs to be incorporated in every meal. New additions- With the opening of Jaan soon in Dubai- Just wait n watch.

5) In terms of expansion plans, what is next for you?

Opening a restaurant in Dubai called Jaan – will start Outdoor & Event Caterings there too & as we go along planning on expanding towards Abu Dhabi & London.

6) How do you react to your brand’s USP being plagiarized? Do you find it flattering or annoying? Do you see a way out?

Flattered- We seem to be the trendsetters. People copy our ideas however never manage to get the recipe correct. However, it keeps us on our toes & make our R&D team think, evolve & come up with new ideas.

7) What are your views about our site?

It seems like you’ll got the whole thing covered, quite an interesting user experience.

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At NCPA, Gate No. 2,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400021
Tel – 022 66547700 / 022 67230113

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