Have You Found The One?
11 Nov 2016

Have You Found The One?

Okay, we know you are madly in love with this guy but is he the one for you? Well, right now, this might not sound like the right question because obviously you two are in love and you ‘think’ you guys are perfect. But are you really compatible? Would you feel the same way about each other after a year or more or let’s say your entire life? Well now that’s got you thinking.


For every couple, it is essential to notice the positive things in their relationship, and as time goes by, nurture it into something more beautiful, such that one fine day you just look back and realize what the two of you have created! But before that, one has to find out if they, in point of fact, are made for one another. Since Wedding Experience is out here collecting cupid points, we’re telling you how to spot the signs!

Get Real


Yes, pretentiousness can ruin a relationship. If you can be yourself with him without the fear of being judged, then my friend, this guy is a keeper. You two are meant to be. He will be there at your best and at your worst, because well, he knows you inside out. You don’t have to apply filters to your thoughts when you are with him.

Your Secret Keeper


He knows your fears, inhibitions and your secrets. He knows your intimate particulars and his care for you does not deter one bit. He is your guy!

Respect Is The Name Of The Game


You don’t want to change the essence of who he is. There might be things you are irritated with, but your love and respect does not waver because of that. Same should be the case with him. Mutual respect is the key to a happy relationship.

Laugh Together


Laughing is life’s simplest pleasure and if you guys enjoy it together to the fullest then you two are totally made for each other. But remember, never to laugh at the other’s expense. Sometimes, it can be disrespectful and downright hurtful. Laugh together, not at each other.

Agree To Disagree


You know that even if you fight, he’ll listen to you and won’t brush you off. He takes you seriously, even when he thinks you’re wrong. He knows you are a strong, independent woman with a mind and opinion of her own. And that’s what he loves most about you.

If your man has all these qualities, then congratulation you have found your knight in shining armor and a clown in tin foil.


Ladies, if you haven’t found your soulmate yet, don’t worry – he’s on his way! Don’t believe us? Chuck Bass says so!


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