Erase The Stretch Marks
26 Oct 2016

Erase The Stretch Marks

As more and more women are becoming #health conscious these days, they are adopting a lifestyle that will help them attain a slimmer and toned body frame. Losing and gaining a lot of weight can pave the way for those ugly lines we all hate – stretch marks! There is nothing better than going natural when it comes to any skin problem. #Wedding Experience tells you about some common #foods that can increase skin elasticity and thus help in preventing this ugly crisis for you.

Chocolate Always To The Rescue

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Who said chocolate was bad for you! There is nothing more delicious than chocolate to achieve good health for the skin. Dark chocolate is rich in zinc, which helps in strengthening the connective tissues that holds the skin together. Cocoa in the chocolate can make the skin firmer and provide right levels of hydration and elasticity. It also reduces puffiness on the skin, and leaves it glowing.

Delicious Strawberries


There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like strawberries. Along with the good amounts of antioxidants that help in the production of collagen to keep the skin firm, elastic and smooth; it also adds a healthy glow. The vitamin C levels in this tasty fruit are helpful in keeping the lines and marks away from the skin, including stretch marks and wrinkles (You will thank us in your later years for this tip!).

Add Some Nuts


Almonds belong to the nuts category and so, they provide high levels of minerals that are good for your body, skin and hair. They are a rich source of vitamin E, which is a significant antioxidant that helps in nourishing the skin and keeping it away from dryness that causes stretch marks.

Juicy Pomegranates

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Polyphenols is an antioxidant that is found in pomegranates in abundance, which kills the free radicals that damage the skin. It also ensures proper blood circulation to boost collagen production and add a rosy colour to the skin.

Healthy Oats


Oatmeal is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make the skin look younger with its high levels of fibre that cleanses the skin from toxins and regulates the blood flow. Oats in breakfast will also stimulate skin healing.

Green Tea

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We know it is not a food, but you do need something to gulp it all down, right? Green tea not only hydrates the skin and keeps it away from dryness, but the rich antioxidants in it also help in keeping the skin healthy and free from inflammation. Having one to two cups of green tea is great for achieving stretch mark-free skin!

So, add these foods to your diet to keep those ugly looking stretch marks away from your beautiful and glowing skin!

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