Drape It
08 Sep 2016

Drape It

When it comes to outfits and attire, one thing that can instantly amp up your dress game is a dupatta. No matter if you wear it over a traditional outfit or simply to funk up your western look, the #dupatta could always come to your rescue. Check out some of the unique styles for draping a dupatta that you can use for a mod and glamorous look. #Wedding Experience gives you 5 styles to try out!

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The Double Dupatta Style


This is one of the most popular draping styles that the brides are opting for draping a dupatta over a #lehenga. You basically need two dupattas here, one that is pinned up like a sari over the chest and shoulder and the other is over your head. This looks sleek and stylish and gives the bride the comfort she needs while covering herself with a dupatta.

Dupatta Tied To The Wrist

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This is one style that you can opt for when you need a neat style of draping and also want to be sure that it does not come your way while having fun. All you need to do is tie one end of the dupatta to the wrist and pin the rest of it across your opposite shoulder. This could be the look you could sport both with a simple suit or lehengas.

The Gujarati Drape With A Twist

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Do the dupatta draping the regular way where you pin it over your right shoulder. But rather than tugging the ends use your creativity. Either leave them flowing on the side secured with a belt on the waist or simply pin up one end to the middle of your lehenga in the front. This is a very unique look which is modern yet hits all the traditional notes at the same time.

Pinning Across Shoulders


This is by far the simplest way to carry a dupatta. You can either pleat it up and then secure it with the pins or simply leave them flowing. Also, you can pin on one shoulder and let it flow freely on your side.

Cowl/Cape Style Dupatta


This is one look that many celebrities are putting up these days. You can either get your dupatta stitched in this manner or use pins to drape it up like that. The main aim here should be to keep the borders of your dupatta around your neck to get a cape style look.

A dupatta is the most basic part of a bride’s outfit but with some creativity and pins it can turn a simple outfit into something off the ramp!

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