At Every Wedding There Is A…
04 Sep 2016

At Every Wedding There Is A…

Indian #weddings are a happy and funny experience at the same time. Happy because weddings obviously are joyous occasions for the couple and their friends and family. Funny because well during the family get together you meet a certain kind of people who grab your attention but not in a humorous way. #Wedding Experience lists out some of the funny people you would meet at any Indian wedding.

The Uncle Who Drinks Too Much


Yes, the ‘tanker’ as we would address him in our lingo. He is one relative who will not be seen without his glass of the most expensive whiskey that the wedding has to offer. He will keep on refilling his glass even after his senses are all gone and would later be seen doing ’nagin dance’ on the dance floor. His purpose is none, except to drink, drink and drink and dance, dance and dance.

The Judgy Cousin

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Now see, this is the kind of behavior that is completely acceptable when there’s no alcohol at the wedding. These people sit and judge – they usually judge the dancing cousins but they aren’t limited to that. They judge you on the basis of the length of your #lehnga, how high your heels are, what shade of lipstick you are wearing- you got the point right? They don’t need a reason to judge. They just judge.

The Complainer


There are stupid KRK movie reviews, funny Chetan Bhagat judgments on ‘Nach Balliye’ Show and then we have these people who don’t leave any stone unturned to find some faults with anything in the wedding. It can be anything ranging from the tastes of food to a girl’s blouse depth.

The Wedding Foodies


These weddings are called ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ for a reason, and that reason as we all know is food.  These people practically make the best use of it. Their plate is totally full but their tummies can never be.



Some adults use weddings as their hunting grounds to hunt for the ‘perfect’ partner for their children or grandchildren. And if they find someone who matches their criteria in the first look, they will surpass even the CBI in finding all the information and gossip about that person.

Let us know if you have these wacky relatives on your guest list and if you do how do you handle the lot!

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