All Eyes On Us
07 Sep 2016

All Eyes On Us

The fanciest make-believe moment for #bride is when she makes her grand entry at the lifetime event-her #wedding. Where all her hard work from picking up the right outfit to applying the best make up, from getting her self-pampered up to all the smallest details are being gazed upon. The entry is where all of it pays off. A perfect dream comes true for the bride when her entry is as grand as she always dreamt off.

Till about ten years back, there was no concept of a “Bridal Entry” other than sisters getting bride out. Then, the ‘phoolon ki chaadar’ trend started, with the bride being flanked with her super hulky (hopefully) brothers carrying that phoolon ki chaadar around her. But cut to 2016, and brides are looking for more exciting appearance to the party.  So here are a few super awesome bridal entry ideas, pick your favourite and sweep the Groom off his feet!

Walk Down The Aisle

One of the best bridal entries seen was when a raised ramp was constructed connected to the stage. The bride walks on the ramp which is decorated with diyas on either side. Since she is at a height, there is a much higher impact.

“I Will Take My Bride”


The groom taking the reins and parading his lady love on a bike / rickshaw or even an auto makes for a super cute picture! And what’s even better, they both have a good laugh and others around them are super amused and all this drama makes for great pictures!

Dim The Lights


As the bride makes her entry, the lights can go completely off with simple spots on the bride alone. The dress will look fab and give that starry blingy yet elegant look. The bride will definitely look gorgeous and leave the groom speechless!!

In My Boat, My Girl


If it’s a lavishly arranged wedding and not a budget wedding, make this event memorable with a surprising entrance on something like a floral decorated boat especially for beach wedding is a jaw dropping idea.

The Dance


A transparent curtain and just the two of you silhouette dancing to your favourite song. That’s just how this show called your wedding must end! So romantic! Let your loved ones join you soon after!

Get Set Wed

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